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Our Food Pantry is now Open!

Our charity kicked off the Feed The Kids Program in September 2017! Each week, we would pack over 3,500 meals in bags and give them to working families at the King Chavez Primary Academy! We quickly grew to over 100 families. That is over 500 people!

On May 10, 2018, we opened our new weekly Food Pantry at the Filipino American Veterans Association Hall in Barrio Logan. Each week, more and more families sign up and we now serve three schools in Barrio Logan: King Chavez Primary, King Chavez Preparatory and Parker Elementary.

The family and also volunteer check in is completed automated. No paper! A UCSD Global Ties Program team created an app that allows families to sign up in less than a minute and check in, in just seconds! All the information is then securely stored to maintain adequate food inventory and formulate statistics. We also contact all the families via text message with reminders to pick up food and recipes. Thank you to TextVending for sponsoring our charity! We were able to purchase two tablets thanks to the generous donation by James Anderson.

Each Thursday, families visit our Food Pantry and choose the food that they want from fresh produce to non-perishables and bread. When we began, we wondered why the children were so excited to choose the food. Then, we realized why! At our Food Pantry, they get to choose and receive all the food there. Since their families are on a strict budget for grocery shopping at the regular store, they often are told no. Not because the food is bad for them, but because they can not afford it. At our pantry, they get to take home at 2-3 bags of food. It makes us all smile and happy to be able to make a big difference in their lives.

On June 21, 2018, from 3pm-6pm, IAATK hosted a Grand Opening Party for the kids and families from the Feed The Kids Program at the Food Pantry during the weekly distribution. Along with taking home bags with over 35 pounds of food, the children received a stuffed animal, books, games, food and desserts. Sponsors included GBOD Hospitality, Village Mill Bakery, Petsmart, Danielle Carleton Photography and Ivan S Harris Photography.

IAATK is also kicking off the Food Pantry Fundraising Campaign. IAATK is raising money to buy a 10' truck to transport food and 40' shipping container to store the food. Solar power is planned for powering the cooling system inside the shipping container. Sponsor logos will appear on the truck and shipping container. Community partners include local shipping companies and University of Iron. With these additions, IAATK will be able to expand the program and serve more kids and their families. For information on the project, CLICK HERE. .

We are always looking for people who want to VOLUNTEER and invest in our kids by making a monetary donation.. Help us fight against childhood hunger!

Thank you so much to amazing sponsors that include Panera Bread, San Diego Food Bank, Albertson's on 14th Street, Village Mill Bakery, John Mabee, Swagg Seats, Audrey Callahan Music, Pacific Debt Inc and Integrated Marketing Systems. Thank you also to all the amazing donors who dedicated their birthdays to our charity to Feed The Kids.

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