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Mission Valley Craft Beer Festival 2017

What began as an idea and a really cool little party in 2010, the Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival is heading out to become the premier beer and food festival in San Diego by grabbing the very best from the world of craft beer and a whole boat load of highly creative and talented chefs. And this year did not disappoint! 2017 was amazing! While most “beer events” offer food, MVCBF events elevate the food to an equal billing. Come for the beer; stay for the food. Come for the food; stay for the beer. Either way, you really needed to be at our event. One price included unlimited tastings of craft beer, San Diego's best eateries, spirits and more!

Thank you to Pushpins Media for supporting It's All About the Kids® Foundation at the 7th Annual Mission Valley Craft Beer Festival! We are so honored to be the charity for this epic event again this year!

We had a blast and gave away prizes from Attorney King Aminpour. Check out all the photos from our It's All About the Kids® Booth! CLICK HERE!

For more info on this year's event and next year's, go to :

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