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Check out our First Scottie's Farmer's Market at Helix High School

On November 7, 2023, we held our FIRST Scottie's Farmer's Market at Helix High School. After many weeks of planning, with partnership with San Diego Food Bank, we set up a Farmer's Market for the teens to enjoy. More than 250 students were given "lucky tickets" to join the event by engaging in the creative activity of decorating a shopping bag, gaining knowledge about the nutritional benefits of the produce we supplied, and selecting fresh produce to bring home for cooking. The school mascot Scottie even came out to celebrate with us while we all enjoyed a student DJ!

"I feel like I am at a real Farmer's Market. I love that I get to choose the food! I scanned the QR code on the sign and love the recipes on the website! Thank you!" said Susan, Helix High School Student.

Huge thank you to Principal Elena and School Social Worker Danielle for making this amazing day happen! And more thanks to volunteers Manisha from SR Love and Care, San Diego Chapter, Amber, and Board Directors Pete, Linda and Board President Angela.

Hunger significantly impacts teenagers, affecting their academic performance, mental and physical health, and social and emotional well-being. It can lead to poor school performance, mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and reduced physical activity. Teens facing hunger may also feel responsible for contributing to their family’s food supply, which can lead to additional stress and risky behaviors. These impacts underscore the importance of addressing food insecurity among teenagers.

Please help us today. Donate and help us host more events like this! More coming in 2024!


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