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Returning the Favor with Mike Rowe featuring It's All About the Kids®

On the April 13, 2020, the Returning the Favor show with Mike Rowe tricked Co-founder and President of the Board Angela Brannon-Baptiste. Yes, THE MIKE ROWE! She thought she was going to be involved in a round table discussion about food insecurity and COVID-19 on a Zoom call.

Check out the video and see how Mike Rowe, Jesse Fanning of Henebery Spirits and Dan Fulkerson of Batta | Fulkerson surprise Angela and the charity and make sure that the Feed the Kids Food Pantry stays open during this crisis and serving San Diego's most vulnerable - KIDS.

To join them in supporting our charity, CLICK HERE .

Huge thank you to Mike Rowe, Lea, Sarah, Jacob and Michael of Returning the Favor for such an amazing opportunity to share our story and our mission to help San Diego kids.

And thank you to Errol Asuncion [Industry and Uncle Ed's Damn Good Vodka] who shared our story with Tabitha Lipkin [formerly of Fox 5 San Diego] and Heather Lake of Fox 5 San Diego. They featured our story on the news, which led to the producers of Returning the Favor to us. THANK YOU!


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