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New Hand Sanitizer from Henebery Spirits and IAATK

IAATK is to announce a new partnership with Henebery Spirits. Since 2012, Henebery Spirits has been the official whiskey company for all the fundraisers for the charity. They have also donated tens of thousands of nutritious meals to the Feed the Kids Program throught their own events. .

Henebery Spirits is making hand sanitizer and has now partnered with IAATK to provide the much needed product. Available in 8 1/2 oz pump bottles and gallons directly from Henebery Spirits. For every sale, nutritious meals will be donated to IAATK to feed the children of San Diego.

Everyone needs hand sanitizer - for home and business - even schools!

To purchase, go to Use discount code iaatk to save 5%, to have our label on the bottle and nutritious meals donated to the kids.


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