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New Partnership with Fibre By Salon de Ville

It's All About the Kids® Foundation is proud to announce a new partnership with The Salon de Ville Group. It started when owner Ashley Gil generously donated a fantastic auction basket to the 16th Annual Champagne and Purses Party. Then, after the event, Ashley contacted co-founder Angela Brannon-Baptiste because she wanted to do more and help support the Feed the Kids Food Pantry on a regular basis.

Their newest location, Fibre by Salon de Ville is a creative space for independent beauty professionals to come together with a common focus of providing exceptional customer care, ongoing education, giving back to the community and creating a quality presence in our industry. In this salon home they are encouraged and supported to grow their own business, to be their own boss with other like minded professionals. They offer a day rate for traveling stylists, part time, full time and long term chair rental. They also offer the option of renting the full space Sunday and Monday for education, charity or networking events.

IAATK is so excited to share the two ways that Fibre by Salon de Ville is helping us Feed the Kids.

* Become a new rental stylist, and Fibre provide dinner every day for 6 months for a child of IAATK

* For each hair product that you purchase from Fibre, Fibre will donate a meal for a child of IAATK

Fibre by Salon de Ville is located at:

4521 Park Blvd San Diego, California 92116

Phone: (619) 247-7086

Facebook: CLICK HERE

Instagram: @fibrebysdv


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