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Celebrating 3 years of the Mahi Elote Taco Partnership with the Fish Shops

In October of 2019, Co-Founder and President Angela Brannon-Baptiste met with Billy Ramirez and Larry Alva of the Fish Shops to create a cause marketing campaign to help fight childhood hunger in San Diego. A few weeks later, the Mahi Elote Taco was born!

For each purchase of the Mahi Elote Taco, a nutritious meal is donated to IAATK's Feed the Kids Food Pantry. At each location - Pacific Beach Fish Shop, Point Loma Fish Shop and Encinitas Fish Shop, the campaign was well received as the taco is delicious!

In October 2020, the Fish Shops announced that 8,864 Mahi Elote Tacos had been sold to date - so 8,864 nutritious meals had been donated. The Fish Shops continued and now the Mahi Elote Taco is on the regular menu and more tacos are being sold now than ever before!

NEARLY 40,000 tacos have been sold - and nearly 40,000 nutritious meals have been donated!

"Even through this COVID-19 crisis, the Fish Shops continued the taco campaign," said Co-Founder and President of the Board Angela Brannon-Baptiste. "We are so honored to be a part of the Fish Shop family and together, feed the kids."


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