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Bergelectric Charitable Foundation supports IAATK

IAATK is proud to announce a new partnership with the Bergelectric Charitable Foundation. Leon from Bergelectric San Diego contacted President of the Board Angela Brannon-Baptiste wanting to support the charity. He shared with her how employees at the company donate their time and help local charities like ours. What a blessing!

For the 2021 campaign, the Bergelectric Charitable Foundation purchased $3800 in food for the Feed the Kids Program. This donation is crucial as the charity continues to feed thousands of San Diego kids. At the gift-giving meeting, Leon surprised Board Director Monica with a check from the Bergelectric Charitable Foundation for $5,000. This amazing donations enables IAATK to continue to provide food for families for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022. Together, we will be providing more fresh produce, bread and non-perishable food to San Diego kids.

Established in 2012, the Bergelectric Charitable Foundation exists to support and promote local initiatives and charitable organizations central to the communities in which Bergelectric does business with an emphasis on improving healthcare and education.


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