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LegacyTree Foundation Partners with IAATK

LegacyTree Foundation [LTF] and The Annuity Consultants joined IAATK at the 14th Annual Champagne & Purses Party at the University Club. Roxy Caballero, Doak Belt and Stephani Lucas [pictured above] chatted with guests and also gave away a wine tasting party at the University Club!

Thank you to the LTF for the investment of $1000 to our charity.

LTF and IAATK are partnering to create income for our supporters while raising much needed funds for our programs.

Let Us Help You Help Us!

If everything in life was a win win wouldn’t you say yes to the opportunity? IAATK and LTF have joined forces in a strategic partnership to raise grants for IAATK. Spearheaded by Stephani Lucas and Doak Belt whom are bringing the LTF program to our supporters.

About LegacyTree Foundation

  • Established in 1999

  • Over $5 million in charitable grants have been given to over 780 charitable recipients

  • Nearly $1.4 million has been given to the LTF Charitable Impact Partners

The LTF program allows individuals to use an existing asset to fund a LegacyPlan. In many cases the existing assets may have current or future tax issues associated with it. The LegacyPlan creates an immediate income tax deduction that can be used to reduce current taxable income. When appreciated assets are used to fund a LegacyPlan, capital gain taxes are also reduced. A person's taxable estate is also reduced. The LegacyPlan then provides an immediate or deferred reinsured income for the individual and/or their heirs. BEST OF ALL, a grant is provided to IAATK!!

IAATK will then be able to bridge the weekend food insecurity gap for children in impoverished neighborhoods in San Diego. . Together, we will Feed the Kids!.

A LegacyPlan from LegacyTree Foundation can help you:

  • Create a tax deduction that may reduce your income taxes

  • Offset the taxable gain within existing annuities

  • Reduce capital gain taxes for real estate

  • Eliminate a portion of the capital gains for other appreciated investments

  • Create an immediate or deferred tax favored income

  • Set up an income stream to fund asset replacement life insurance

  • Pass existing asset values to heirs more tax efficiently

  • Generate grants for Its All About The Kids®

Don’t you want to be a part of an effort that could very well save lives? Above all you know your hard-earned money is doing good!

For more information on the program please click here for a client approved video. Also, here you will find a case study, this may not be your situation or asset but it gives you a better idea of how you will benefit.

Do you own real estate, securities, annuities or other assets?

Did you know that you can exchange that asset for a contract that will pay you income now or later, along with providing you an immediate tax deduction?

You can set up income for yourself or set up a structured inheritance for your heirs. Plus, when you exit from your appreciated real estate or securities, you’ll eliminate a portion of the capital gains as well. All the while, you’ll be helping IAATK!

How does this work? Contact us for more information today!

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