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Peter M. Aufsesser

Dr. Peter M. Aufsesser was a professor at San Diego State University where he founded the Fitness Clinic for Individuals with Disabilities a 501cs which provided individualized fitness [programs to individuals age 15-98 with severe physical and neuromuscular disabilities. In addition Dr. Aufsesser has been in leadership positions within San Diego State as well as his professional organizations and community boards. He served as an officer in 6 professional organizations and served on 13 local community boards for schools, non-profits, hospitals, government agencies and community groups.

Dr. Aufsesser has been recognized for his leadership and accomplishments with many awards including: Adapted Physical Educator of the years (1990), Monty Award (2004), Channel 10 Leadership Award 1998 & 2008, SDSU Presidential Leadership Award (2010), Pioneer Award from SCASP Council of The National Conference on Adapted Physical activity, and was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame for his leadership in shaping swimming programs for individuals with disabilities across the United States : The John Williams Adapted Aquatic Award in 2011.

Dr. Aufsesser started with IAATK Foundation as a volunteer and is now the Director of Development and a Board member.

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