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It’s All About the Kids® invites all our supporters to be a part of Operation BIrthday Cake.


Instead of getting presents for your birthday, have a FUNDRAISER FOR US! Ask your family and friends if they would like to help you FEED THE KIDS! 

We can keep track of your online donors and then add up the investments to see how many meals your fundraiser will provide! 

Our youngest fundraiser Dileep, raised over $2000 on Facebook!  Want to dedicate your birthday?  Adults and kids alike are invited to raise money for us! 


In July 2012,  Lisa Kogan and Mark Barneburg contacted IAATK with this awesome idea…they didn’t want presents, they wanted to help our charity! In 2013, Sage Weiss was our youngest fundraiser. She and her Mom, Kristen raised over $1,500!


Want to do more than just donate? So, have you ever thought…”I don’t want presents, instead, I want to do something good?"


Operation Birthday Cake is for you!

If you want to be a part of Operation Birthday Cake, please CONTACT US and we'll reach out to get you setup!

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