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It’s All About the Kids® invites all our supporters to be a part of Operation BIrthday Cake.


The money raised through OPERATION BIRTHDAY CAKE will be used for :

  • The “It’s My Birthday Party” for 75 kids from the Serra Mesa Food Pantry in March 2016

  • Toys from the Heart [Toys and educational materials]

  • Difference for a Day Activities for teens at the Toussaint Academy [monthly outings, financial literacy and self esteem programs]

  • Difference for a Week College program [supporting previously homeless students who are in succeeding in college] 

  • Difference for a World [providing necessities to Rancho Milagro Orphanage in Baja Mexico]

  • Other special projects and activities to enhance the lives of less fortunate children


In July 2012,  Lisa Kogan and Mark Barneburg contacted IAATK with this awesome idea…they didn’t want presents, they wanted to help our charity! In 2013, Sage Weiss was our youngest fundraiser. She and her Mom, Kristen raised over $1,500!


Want to do more than just donate? So, have you ever thought…”I don’t want presents, instead, I want to do something good?"


Operation Birthday Cake is for you!


We are asking supporters to join our team and raise $100 during their birthday month!


It’s All About the Kids® helps over 1,600 children from Southern California and Baja Mexico by creating unique programs and activities to build self esteem, prepare for college and teach that life is limitless. We help kids succeed!

If you want to be a part of Operation Birthday Cake, please CONTACT US and we'll reach out to get you setup!

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