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In California, 58.5% of kids are on the free school lunch program. In San Diego, many schools have 99% of their children receiving breakfast, lunch and a snack during the school year. On the weekends and especially during the summer, the families often find it difficult to keep the refrigerator full and especially purchase fresh produce due to rising prices.


Last September, we began providing over 3000 meals to kids at the King Chavez Primary Academy. From September 2017 thru April 2018, we have provided over 70,000 meals. We provide up to 35 pounds of fresh produce, bread and non-perishable food to each family.


On May 10, 2018, we opened a weekly food pantry and are now helping kids and their families from both the King Chavez Primary Academy and the King Chavez Preparatory. Families now visit our Food Pantry and choose what food they would like to take home. The children help their parents decide!


Our current sponsors include Attorney King Aminpour, the San Diego Food Bank, Panera Bread, Village Mill Bakery, and Albertson's.

Our new Food Pantry needs storage and transportation! Our goal is $30,000. We need the funds to purchase the following:

  • A 10' box truck

  • Insurance for a year


We need to pick up food from the San Diego Food Bank as well as Panera Bread and other donors. 

  • 40' Shipping Container

  • Shelves

  • Collapsible Crates

  • Roll Up Doors

  • Paint and supplies


We want to store fresh produce and non perishable food items in the Shipping Container. We are working with the University of Iron to retrofit the shipping container and install solar power for the cooling system. Any funds left over will be used to buy food and help more kids.



$10,000  [2 available]

  • Company logo (4' x 4') on the shipping container and our 10' truck

  • Company name and profile on website

  • Dedicated Email blast

$5,000 [4 available]

  • Company logo (2' x 2') on the shipping container and our 10' truck

  • Company logo/Business name on website

$1,000  [2 available]

  • Company logo (1' x 1') appears on the shipping container OR our 10' truck

  • Company logo/Business name on website


Company Logo & Business name on website


Two (2)

It's All About The Kids



One (1)

It's All About The Kids


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