We are honored to be working with Elias Gallegos of Alliance Eastlake Jiu Jitsu Academy in assisting him grow his diversion program for at risk youth in our local communities. Mr. Gallegos offers a lifetime membership, at no cost, to those who maintain good grades and stay out of trouble. This past April, Mr. Gallegos was acknowledged by the San Diego Police Department for his efforts. It's All About The Kids® will support Mr. Gallegos on gathering sponsors for those entering the program.

If you would like to be a sponsor for someone entering the diversion program, a small donation of $150 covers the cost of everything they need to begin. A brand new gi (uniform), headgear, gloves, shin guards and mouthpiece. Alliance Eastlake graciously covers all remaining costs. In some instances, they even cover bus fare and gas if need be.

It was a second chance program that changed Mr. Gallego's life and has given him the ability to offer the same opportunity to those in need. Remind you, you're not donating to help someone in need, you're investing in someone's future.

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