Difference For a Day

Difference for a Day: We create fun activities joining teens and adults to bridge the gap of trust, build self esteem, and teach that life is limitless.

It’s All About The Kids Foundation organizes and facilitates monthly activities for the children from our Alliance Charities. The Difference for a Day mission is to build self-esteem, trust with adults, teach these wonderful children that anything in life is possible. The activities that we provide are on a monthly and sometime weekly basis. Most of our programs benefit the Toussaint Academy of Arts and Sciences and Storefront. We find that it is critical to impact these fantastic teens before they turn 18 and are dropped from traditional assistance. Our activities help create happy moments for the teens, while teaching them how to create their own happy moments and bright futures. All of our programs are led by Executive Director Angela Brannon with the help of It’s All About the Kids’ sponsors and volunteers. To volunteer for a Program, please contact Angela@ItsAllAboutTheKids.org.

Our Difference for a Day Activites

  • Life Skills Scavenger Hunt ! It’s All About the Kids has produced the Life Skills Scavenger fpr the Toussaint Academy since 2004! This yearly events challenges the teens to survive a scavenger hunt filled with just that… life skills. Teams of teens sign up for school, enroll in college, open a bank account, rent an apartment all while getting ‘life cards’ that try to throw them off course. Prizes are given to the winners who complete the most steps and Classes and discussions are then held after the activity. To get involved, please send an email to Angela at itsallaboutthekids.org. CLICK HERE to ready about the 2015 Life Skills Scavenger Hunt!
  • Afternoon of Total Beauty ! It’s All About the Kids has produces the Afternoon of Total Beauty since 2004! This annual event for the female teens of the Toussaint Academy and Storefront provides a ‘new look’ with a new haircut and style with a skin and makeup application consultation. Successful women supporters from It’s All About the Kids give presentations about self esteem, college prep, reproductive health and issues facing teens. Guests and teens enjoy healthy snacks and desserts! This event is held each year at the Blank Slate Creative Studio.
  • MAN DAY – Man Day is held each year for the teenage boys from the Toussaint Academy. They go to a barber shop and get their hair cut and styled, receive info on how to take care of their skin and reproductive health. Successful men then give presentations about what it means to be a MAN, and how to be the best they can be.
  • Toussaint Academy’s Prom – It’s All About the Kids has produced the Prom for the Toussaint Academy since 2004 ! Teens receive dresses, tuxedos, shoes, jewelry, purses, corsages, limo transportation and everything that a teen dreams about and more! Past events have been held at the Westgate Hotel, Hall of Champions, and the University Club.
  • Other events are held each year including attending Charger Games, Padre Games, Movie and Museum openings, Seaworld and more!
  • More Activities Since 2004

    • Over 12,500 kids have received toys
    • 34 kids visited and fed the Navy Dolphins
    • 30 teens went Snowboarding
    • 40 teens went to Surfing Camp
    • 175 kids and their families attended Padre Games
    • 90 kids attended Charger Games
    • 180 teens experienced Life Skills Scavenger Hunt
    • 110 young ladies experienced Afternoon of Total Beauty
    • 52 teenage boys competed in Playstation Olympics
    • 60 girls went Shopping for bras
    • 210 teens have experienced Prom
    • 20 teens attended Hall of Champions luncheons with Jim Brown, Tony Parker and Adriane Gonzalez
    • 35 teens attended the Bodies Exhibit
    • 40 teens attended the movies, Inconvenient Truth, Star Wars and Harry Potter.
    • 20 kids attended a 3 day football camp provided by the California Police Youth Charities
    • 225 kids attended Back Pack Parties !
    • and much more every month…..