It’s All About the Kids’ Youngest Fundraiser, Sage Weiss, Raises Over $1500!


Youngest Fundraiser Sage Weiss, age 3, Raises Over $1500

Operation Birthday Cake Campaign Continues

SanDiego, CA. September 26, 2013.  It’s All About the Kids Foundation™ is proud to announce Operation Birthday Cake Fundraising Campaign’s youngest fundraiser is Sage Weiss, age 3.  Sage Weiss, daughter of It’s All about the Kids Foundation™ volunteer Kristen Weiss,  decided  helping less fortunate kids was better than getting more toys and presents.   For her 3rd birthday this year, Kristen created the online fundraising page for her daughter, sent out emails, posted on social media and made phone calls to family and friends asking them to donate to the It’s All About the Kids Foundation™.  Her goal was to raise $750 and donations currently total more than double  at$1515.  And more donations still coming in from generous family members and friends.
“Some kids don’t have anything so I am sharing my birthday with them. I like to share. I don’t need so many toys. I have my favorite Elmo and Thomas the Train,” said Sage.  “Mommy tells me to help other kids because I already have the things that I need.”  Her fundraising page is:

“Nothing beats the feeling you get by giving back to others in need. As a mother, I’m instilling in my daughter at a very young age the importance of volunteering your time and giving back to less fortunate children in need,” said Kristen Weiss.  “Our world is too consumed with things that don’t matter and if we can teach our younger generation to give back, our world would be such a happiest place to live in and imagine all the smiles you can put on other children’s faces.”

“It’s All about the Kids Foundation™ encourages everyone to join Sage and Operation Birthday Cake by creating a personal page on the fundraising site, . My goal has always been to start of generation of ‘givers’ when they are young, but Sage’s generosity has far exceeded all expectations!” said Co-Founder and President of the Board, Angela Brannon.

Created in 2012 by It’s All About the Kids Foundation™’s supporters Mark Barneburg and Lisa Kogan, Operation Birthday Cake is an online fundraising campaign where supporters ask for donations to It’s All About the Kids Foundation™ instead of gifts for their birthday. In 2012, these two generous adults raised money online and also had a toy drive, raising over $1500 and collecting over 50 toys for the Charity.   Other supporters help raise over $1500, including $500 from Kristen Weiss’s campaign.

It’s All About the Kids Foundation is a 501 c[3] non profit organization that creates and provides new and innovative programs and services to benefit children’s charities and enhances the lives of less fortunate children and those in need.   They help kids SUCCEED!  They serve over 1000 children that are impacted by HIV/AIDS, homelessness, neglect, abuse and crime in Southern California and Baja Mexico.


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