Wells Fargo Grants It’s All About the Kids $1000!

On October 14, 2010, Wells Fargo bank held it’s annual Gifting Event at the Old Globe Theatre.  Every year, each of the 38 local branches chooses a charity and donates $1000 to advance their programs.  At the ceremony, each charity shares their story with the guests and other recipients!  Tears Galore!  Upon being awarded the grant, Executive Director/Co-Founder Angela Brannon then presented Wells Fargo with a thank you painting created by Hannah Lin, one of the college students of the Difference for a Week Program.

The Balboa Genesee branch choose It’s All About the Kids!  Thank you to Shante Jones and Crystal Alban of the Balboa Genesee Branch ! And a special thanks to Lauren Tobiassen, organizer of the event and her assistant,  Carol Kuhn.  Thank you also to Kate Kroplin for referring us !

The $1000 will go to our Difference for a Week Program and our new Art Program for the Toussaint Academy !

After hearing the stories of the other charities, Executive Director/Co-Founder  Angela Brannon then added 2 new charities to the list to provide toys this Holiday season. These include The Autism Tree Project and the Eunme.com.  Their stories inspired Angela and so she pledged support!