Summer Art Program

The Summer of 2011 is filled with ART!
Because of the generosity of Alexander Salazar Fine Art Gallery and the guests of their 1st Anniversary Party, It’s All about the Kids was able to offer Art Classes to the kids of Christie’s Place, Toussaint Academy and Storefront. Each Tuesday, kids came to Alexander’s Gallery to paint and have fun! Thank you to our artists, Valorie Henderson and Kira Corser for helping with our classes. Kira shared her “Art is the Next Peace:Connecting Communities” project with us !

Thank you to everyone for their support and for the kids for having fun!

“Painting Masks is pretty cool’ – Anthony, age 17

“I found inspiration for my art from all the awesome art in the gallery, thank you, Mr. Salazar!” – Memo, age 12

“I love Art! thank you, It’s All About the Kids” – Laura, age 14

For More photos CLICK HERE !