Main Street Philanthropy and #solvehunger

Early this Spring, Co-Founder Angela Brannon was contacted by a Clairemont High School Student, Khalid. At charities, we receive all kinds of interesting calls. Some that will leave you puzzled, and others, like this one… that make you smile and believe in what you are doing. The Academy of Business, led by teacher Alan Walter, is an amazing program for students. Working together with Ryans Ponsford from Main Street Philanthropy [MSP], the students learn about philanthropy, investigate, choose and report on local charities. All while they held fundraisers to raise money for the charity of choice. One feature is the blogging that the students do. The team that chose It’s All About the Kids® is #solvehunger. This comprises of students – Khalid, Rachel,Chance, Kyrstin and Micheal. These 5 students’ enthusiasm was out of this world and their excitement about making a difference reaffirms to me that young people are our future. On the list of goals for the charity is “Starting a generation of givers early in life”.

Here is one post on the MSP website:
“I had a great experience reaching out to an organization. I called It’s All About the Kids®, I spoke to Angela Brannon about MSP and got her to come sit on our panel. My group chose her org. to donate to. We all like her and her org. and they seem perfect to help and legit. I learned from Angela that when people think of hunger, they think of places so far away. The reality is kids just across the border are starving and even here in the U.S, kids are starving. People need to realize this to really make a difference. Change your community before changing the world.” – Khalid

MSP had a ceremony on April 24, 2014 where they presented checks to the charities. I was in tears listening to the impact that this program had on these teens. I could see future leaders in the philanthropy and charity world right before my eyes. #solvehunger raised the 2nd largest amount, with a donation of $620.18. The teens chose to donate the funds to the Difference for the World Program, providing food and water to children at orphanages in Baja Mexico.

It’s All About the Kids® Foundation is so proud of the students! They are now Philanthropists! We look forward to many more experiences with #solvehunger ! I encourage teens to learn about philanthropy and how to make the world a better place! We are so grateful!