January is Financial Literacy Month!

In January,  It’s All About the Kids shared its financial literacy program with San Diego’s kids.  This included life skills classes and the 8th Annual Life Skills Scavenger Hunt !

Life Skills classes are continuing throughout the year and  include information on interviewing, banking, renting, credit and almost everything that has to do with money and surviving in today’s world! The classes are for kids aged 10 to 25.   Role playing and interactive games and activities help the students learn the importance of hard work, responsibility and SUCCESS!

The 8th Annual Life Skills Scavenger Hunt was  held on January 29, 2011 from 10am-4pm at the Toussaint Academy. The students  searched for their ‘life skills’ and learned how to  move into their own apartment and deal with the struggles of adulthood.    Thank you to our sponsors Torrey Pines Bank, Whole Foods, Real Deal Furniture and Downtown Rotaract Club.  Special thanks to the Toussaint Academy.