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Posted 01.20.2012 in News

In December 2011, Executive Director Angela Brannon of It’s All About the Kids received an email from Santa Caus. They were asking for toys for orphans in Baja. How could she say no? She thought to herself, ” It’s All about the Kids is about just that..the kids and We must help them..they have nothing and a wall should not not be a barrier.” But, she was short toys already for the charities that she had committed to. And, the Marines at Toys for Tots had just said NO to her and denied her request for toys. But, she decided that SAYING NO was not an option. She told Santa Caus YES. She then spread the word that she needed help ! And it came! Toys and money from new sponsors ! And enough toys for all the charities ! On December 23, 2011, Jesse, a volunteer for Santa Caus picked up a truckload of toys that we had placed in garbage bags [a great disguise!] and took off for the border.

That evening, Angela received an email from Santa Caus. The following is an excerpt.
“Santa was sweating this evening. We had a fabulous day giving wonderful gifts to the amazing kids at Rancho Milagro, and then prepared for Santa’s visit to Casa De Paz (leaving at 10 am from Magana’s tomorrow morning). Just to be sure, we spoke to the person we thought had clothes and toys for the kids all packed and ready to go – only to discover that they had clothes only, no toys. A communication error. OOPS! OH NO, NO TOYS FOR THE KIDS? I was sweating. I counted out enough little pencil kits, but that wasn’t enough. And then I remembered another request for 20 toys for the poorest families in town – and then I was really worried.
Then a miracle happened. 8:30 at night the buzzer rings – it’s Jesse with a truck FULL OF TOYS. They were donated by It’s all About the Kids and he managed to get the whole pickup truck full of toys through the Border with no customs stop!!!”

Arthur then informed Angela that the children were sleeping on the cold floor. It’s All About the Kids then collected blankets and pillows and purchased sleeping bags. Thank you to all the donors ! We provided enough for the 30 kids at Rancho Milagro. Casa de Paz is also in need of 48 sleeping bags and blankets as well. It’s All About the Kids is collecting new or gently used blankets, sleeping bags and pillows. We are also accepting donations of new clothes, shoes, toiletries, school supplies and art supplies. To donate, please contact

Author: Angela

Co-Founder and President of the Board of Directors of It's All About the Kids Foundation. Through her company Partying for a Purpose, she creates new and innovative programs for the over 1500 children in Southern California and Baja Mexico and produces all the fundraisers for the Foundation.

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