Our Fundraiser on Indiegogo.com raised funds for Prom 2013

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Each year, It’s All about the Kids Foundation, a Southern California children’s charity throws PROM for the Toussaint Academy San Diego, a safe haven for homeless teens unable to reunite with their families.  THIS IS YEAR #10 !  The economy has hit the Foundation’s funding hard, so WE ASKED FOR HELP! WE RAISED OVER $900 !

Check out our cool video! Why do the teens want a Prom?

Our Prom was Amazing – July 16, 2013 ! The Theme was Roaring 20’s !  In preparation of the Prom, It’s All About the Kids hosts MAN DAY and Afternoon of Total Beauty. The teens receive hair cuts and inspirational presentations by spectacular volunteers.The It’s All about the Kids Foundation provides the girls with dresses, shoes, jewelry, purses, corsages and hair/makeup!  Boys receive suits, shoes, and Fedoras. All the teens attended with a guest and they arrived in limos for the memorable night.  So, you don’t have the be ‘popular’ or have a date – EVERYONE ATTENDED! During the  next three hours, 40 teens enjoyed  games, prizes, photos, food, desserts, dancing and crowning of the Court.”Prom was one of the best nights of my life,” said graduate Melissa, “I felt so special and we danced and had so much fun. I love that I got to take the photo that night, too !”The funding paid for the costs of MAN DAY, Afternoon of Total Beauty and a portion of the Prom. These are costs  that we are unable to get donated but receive a deeply discounted rate.    The Prom is an event of the It’s All About the Kids Foundation’s Difference for a Day Program.  The Program builds self esteem, bridges the gap in trust between the teens and adults, prepares for higher education and teaches that life is limitless.  Any additional fundraising will be dedicated to the monthly activities of this wonderful program throughout the year.”It is my favorite event of the year,” said volunteer and photographer Theresa Dimapilis.  “The teens are so happy, all dressed up and having the best time!”

It’s All About the Kids Foundation and the Toussaint Academy San Diego are both 501c[3] non profit organizations.

It’s All About the Kids Foundation helps over 1000 children each year in Southern California and Baja California through unique programs, activities and support.   WE BELIEVE THAT CHILDREN DESERVE TO DREAM AND TO HAVE A CHILDHOOD!

At the Prom, the teens feel special and truly have a great time in a safe environment.

For more info on our fantastic charity, go to http://www.ItsAllAboutTheKids.org