Global Teams In Engineering Service (TIES) program at UCSD Make a Difference

It’s All about the Kids Foundation was chosen for the 4th straight semester by Brandon Reynante professor of the Global Teams In Engineering Service (TIES) program at UCSD. Groups of students solve challenges proposed by President Angela Brannon.
The challenges have included solutions for a bid card program for silent auction, an online donations, and dirty water at partner orphanages in Baja Mexico.
In Fall of 2014, Professor Mandy Bratton’s class was asked to create a mobile app for one of the charity’s activities with teens. Two teams presented fantastic starts to a long term project that will help children learn life skills. The fabulous students worked on the projects and then presented to Angela as their semester final. Each semester she was blown away by the amazing solutions.
One of the most impactful challenge was the problem of dirty water at the orphanages. This has been an ongoing problem. The water is from a tank or a well, both not clean. The students came up with a water filtration system that was very affordable and included a see-saw as the pump, therefore, not needing electricity. AMAZING! In March of 2015, Professor Brandon, students and volunteer Cesar Hernandez installed the system!
In January 20, 2015, the Winter semester students were challenged with implementing the bid card program and creating a garden with used water for the partner orphanages. President Angela Brannon Skyped into the class to discuss the challenges for the spring! So cool! Final projects were presented in March. The Spring 2015 semester’s challenges include the self sustaining garden, a mobile app and retrofitting a truck for a new project.

It’s All about the Kids is honored to be a part of this wonderful program. It rocks!
Thank you to both professors and the awesome students for making a difference!