7th Annual Cupcake Extravaganza – July 4 – 6, 2014

The year was 2008. The original Eclipse Chocolat Cafe had opened just six months prior. Independence Day weekend was quickly approaching, & Will had been dabbling in cupcakery ever since he opened his doors. Pastry was not his first passion… frankly, it’s wasn’t even his fourth, but what was a well to-do chocolate shop without a signature cake? And cakes in cups were all the rage! With enough time & experimentation surely he could perfect a recipe or two?

The first Cupcake Extravaganza saw no less than 28 exotic flavors, but arguably few were “perfected”. Maple Bacon Date? Sweet Onion Caramel? They’ve reeled it in a bit since then, but ever since the first July 4th frenzy, they’ve kept around a dozen delicious cupcake flavors in our daily rotation. When Independence Day weekend rolls around again each year, they feature a new collection of yummy cakes each filled with exotic fillings & topped with rich chocolate ganache or whipped vanilla bean swiss meringue. But Cupcake Extravaganza doesn’t stop there! The Box of Nine Cupcakes is discounted to just $20 (normally $30), & each box purchased is an entry into our Opportunity Drawing in which the lucky winner – Sarah Gilbert – won a “Year of Cupcakes”. That’s right… 365 cupcakes, at her disposal, either one box at a time or in one deliciously lump sum!

They’ve come a long way since then, baby! This year they decided to highlight the company mission to support our community by doubling down with TWO Grand Prizes! Not only will one of the guests enjoy the $1200 prize, but they will award a SECOND prize to It’s All About The Kids®, a San Diego non-profit benefiting children in need. Better yet, they have a full weekend of events all wrapped up with the promotion. THANK YOU SO MUCH ECLIPSE CHOCOLATE!

Friday, July 4th
9am-6pm Cupcake Extravaganza – it was crazy fun!

Saturday, July 5th
9am-10pm Cupcake Extravaganza
12-3pm Children’s Activity Day (family oriented crafts, games, & info booth from It’s All About The Kids®). Kids thru out the restaurant colored pictures for the Foundation to give as gifts to the kids at orphanages in Mexico.

Cupcake Happy Hour – was a blast!

Sunday, July 6th
9am-6pm Cupcake Extravaganza (Grand Prize Opportunity Drawing was at 4pm! )
The winner was Sarah Gilbert!
12-4pm Baby Goat Petting Zoo (Local farmer with baby goats to entertain cuddles & queries on sustainable farming)