Toys From the Heart

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Posted 12.03.2014 in Programs

Toys from the Heart is a program to deliver wonderful and educational toys to children’s charities during the Holidays and All Year Long.

Good toys, books, games and software, carefully selected, can enhance and direct a child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth. We are committed to providing backpacks, school supplies and educational toys to the less fortunate children of Southern California. Read more about Toys From the Heart

Difference For a Day

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Posted 12.02.2014 in Programs

Difference for a Day: We create fun activities joining teens and adults to bridge the gap of trust, build self esteem, and teach that life is limitless.

It’s All About The Kids Foundation organizes and facilitates monthly activities for the children from our Alliance Charities. The Difference for a Day mission is to build self-esteem, trust with adults, teach these wonderful children that anything in life is possible. The activities that we provide are on a monthly and sometime weekly basis. Most of our programs benefit the Toussaint Academy of Arts and Sciences and Storefront. We find that it is critical to impact these fantastic teens before they turn 18 and are dropped from traditional assistance. Our activities help create happy moments for the teens, while teaching them how to create their own happy moments and bright futures. All of our programs are led by Executive Director Angela Brannon with the help of It’s All About the Kids’ sponsors and volunteers. To volunteer for a Program, please contact
Read more about Difference For a Day

Difference for a Week

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Posted 12.01.2014 in Programs

Difference for a Week: We provide cellular phones and plans,  mentors and provide care packages and other financial support to our college students.

CONGRATS to TRISHA! Trisha graduated  from SDSU on May 18 ! We are so proud of you!   She also became a Second Lieutenant in the Army !  An Officer!     Thank you to Ray Magana who sponsored her cap, grown and graduation accessories. Thank you so much! CLICK HERE TO READ THE PRESS RELEASE!

Also Congrats to Lashanae Johnson who is currently in India teaching English. Lashanae graduated from SDSU !

We currently have 2 students in college that we support! Students attend Merced and UCSD. We provide them with a cellphone and service, school supplies, books, bus/trolley passes and other financial needs throughout the year. When the students move into dorms or apartments, we take them shopping for bedding, towels and other necessities.  Our generous sponsor, REAL DEAL MATTRESS, provides new beds.   We send CARE PACKAGES to our out of town students.




Monthly Donation
• $100 Donation for ONE Student
• $500 Donation for FIVE Students
• $900 Donation for NINE students

Yearly Donation
• $10,800 for NINE students


To volunteer, email Read more about Difference for a Week

Difference for the World Program

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Posted 11.30.2014 in Programs

Difference for the World program began in 2011. It’s All About the Kids is just that..about Kids. The children of Baja Mexico are starving and homeless. With the help of Partner Charity, Santa Caus, It’s All About the Kids adopted Rancho El Milagro Children’s Home, Casa Estrella, Hogar Buena Vida Orphanage and Casa de Paz Orphanage. We provide blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, clothing, shoes, toiletries, school supplies, educational materials and much more.

In 2012-2013, we coordinated the donation of Pillow Pets and Life Gear Glow Sticks to all the children [no more scary nights in the dark]. We continued to donate more clothes, shoes, bedding, hygiene products and more.

In 2014, Executive Director Angela Brannon and volunteers began mission trips to Baja to visit and help orphanages. What we found was devastating. We purchased new screen for 60 windowns for Rancho Milagro, and provided food and clothes to Casa de Paz and La Tribu.

We continue to raise money, clothes and toys for the children. We are always in need, so please help!

In 2015, we are installing a water filtration system at Rancho Milagro that was designed by UCSD Students in the Global Teams In Engineering Service (TIES) Program. We will also be providing hygiene products and food.

To donate to this worthy program, please CLICK HERE or on the button to the right!

It’s All About the Kids® Hosts the 11th Annual Prom for the Toussaint Academy

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Posted 08.13.2014 in News, Programs

It’s All About the Kids® Hosts the 11th Annual Prom for the Toussaint Academy
On August 13, 2014

The fantastic teens from the Toussaint Academy enjoyed DISCO PROM, with a photo opportunity, dinner, special drinks, dancing to a live DJ and of course the crowning of the Prom Court. The prom was of no cost to the teens. In July, Partying for a Purpose hosted Champagne & Purses where women donated dresses, shoes, purses and jewelry to be donated to the girls for prom. Male supporters also donated suits, shoes and ties. To help support our prom next year, contact us! Prom is a program of the Difference for a Day Program of It’s All about the Kids®

Thank you to Sponsors:
It’s All About the Kids Foundation
Partying for a Purpose
Sprinkle Me Desserts
Arthur Q. Johnson Foundation
San Diego Limo Transfers
SOS Entertainment
Trattoria Fantastico
Coca Cola
Prospect Bar and Grill
Pretzel Crisps
DJ Mele and DJ D
Paul Mitchell School San Diego
JWT Photography

Thank you to our Makeup artists:
Lynnae Bowen, Kelly Price Noble, Portia Mango, Trinity Martinez, Francesca Wheeler, and Leah Diaz

Thank you to our volunteers:
Laurel Smith, Josh Danielson, Yapha Kimmons, Pete Aufsesser

10th Life Skills Scavenger Hunt January 25, 2014

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Posted 01.06.2014 in News, Programs

For the 10th year, It’s All About the Kids™ Foundation will host the Life Skills Scavenger Hunt for the Toussaint Acedemy on January 25, 2014 ! Teams of teens will work together to acquire Life Skills including getting a job, registering for school and financial aid, opening a bank account, leasing an apartment, getting utilities hooked up, buying groceries and much more!

Check us out on San Diego Living !

Our sponsors include USE Credit Union, Coca-Cola, Whole Foods, Health Insurance Advocates and Moments of Your Life Photography.

Volunteers are wanted for this great event. Want to become a banker, grocery clerk, Child Protective Services rep for a day? Make a Difference for our teens! To volunteer, please CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ANGELA.

CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSETS! 2014 Clothing and Diaper Drive!

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Posted 12.21.2013 in News, Programs


It’s All About the Kids™ Foundation for
Children in Orphanages in Tijuana

Thank you to everyone who donated to the 2014 Clean Out Your Closets Clothing and Diaper Drive!

We collected over 50 bags of clothes and shoes! Thank you so much! We always accept donations! So please contact us at Angela at !

Orphanages helped:
• Rancho El Milagro Children’s Home
• Hogar Buena Vida Orphanage
• Casa de Paz Orphanage
• La Tribu Orphanage

• New Diapers [all sizes]
• New or gently used Shoes [all sizes]
• New or gently used Clothes [all sizes] –shirts, pants, coats
• New Underwear and Socks [all sizes]
• Toiletry items [shampoo, conditioner, soap, hair brushes, hair accessories]

Thank you to our donation locations!

Ooh Fashionista Boutique – 111 Chesterfield Dr. Suite 117, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Open Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, Sat – Sun: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm – Join us here the first weekend of every month for shopping ! Ooh Fashionista Boutique will donate 20% of what you spend to our cause! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

Partying for a Purpose Headquarters

KNB Printing Solutions – 3643 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92104
Open: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

For more info, please contact

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